The New Nordic Diet Plan

The Nordic Diet is a healthy eating style that focuses on locally sourced foods in the Nordic countries — Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. The Diet has been around for quite some time (since 1980), tied to Nordic nutrition recommendations. The “New” Nordic Diet Plan was developed in Copenhagen (2004), by Nordic nutritionists and chefs, in an effort to reduce obesity and improve public health in the country. This diet was specifically designed to revolutionize the Nordic cuisine. Furthermore, it’s sufficient to satiate everyone’s hunger and is delicious, too!

The New Nordic healthy and balanced diet has become very popular, not only in Scandinavia but also worldwide. And with good reason! It is one of the best Plant-Based Diet Plans and the Best Diets Overall, ranked #3 and #9, respectively, by US News (among the top 41 diets chosen by health experts).

Roasted Broccoli, Fresh Mushrooms, and Fruit


The New Nordic Diet Plan emphasizes traditional, locally sourced and healthy foods.

  • Eat often: fruits, vegetables, legumes, berries, whole grains, cereals, nuts, seeds, rye bread, fish, seafood, mushrooms, low-fat dairy, herbs, spices, canola oil, freshly squeezed fruit juices… For your meals use spices like dill, rosemary, and thyme, oil– rapeseed, and for frying – grapeseed oil

  • Eat in moderation: meat – venison or beef, eggs, cheese, and yogurt.

  • Eat rarely: other red meats and animal fats

  • Don’t eat:  processed meat, food additives, refined food, fast food (hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, pancakes, etc.), white flour, white rice, cookies and sweets, sugar-sweetened beverages, soda

When choosing what to eat on the Nordic diet, you could go all-out Scandinavian: Elk meat,  Icelandic yogurt, lingonberries, rapeseed oil,  rutabaga (these are some of the examples of common foods in Denmark, where this diet’s originated). But anyone can adapt the Nordic diet because its true focus is on eating wholesome foods that are local to you. This diet gains more and more popularity, due to its back-to-nature approach, which is an attractive option for many people trying to eat healthier.


  • It’s healthy

  • Suitable for diabetics

  • Appears to be effective for lowering blood pressure

  • Moderate loss of body weight (about 10 pounds in 6 months), which is in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO). The Nordic diet appears to be effective for short-term weight loss.

  • The Nordic diet is ECO-friendly – it may be a good choice from an environmental perspective. It emphasizes foods that are locally grown and sustainably farmed.

Beautiful Landskape with River Fishing


  • The (original) Nordic foods are usually unavailable in your local grocery store.

  • The Nordic diet is not particularly easy to follow. It can take time and effort to find appropriate, environmentally conscious local foods – like tomatoes that weren’t grown in a greenhouse.

  • The diet can be time-consuming – You have to spend at least an hour every evening for making dinner. It’s just not in line with the way modern consumers eat.

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Healthy Fish Soup with different Veggies

  • Consume  organic & high-quality foods

  • Eat more fruits such as blueberry, strawberries and grapes, and vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, kale.

  • Eat nuts (walnuts, Brazil nuts, almonds, pistachios, and others)

  • Legumes (brown beans, yellow peas, green peas, etc.)

  • Mushrooms

  • Only eat meat and poultry like reindeer, lamb, pork, beef, turkey, chicken

  • Consume dairy products like low-fat milk, cheese

  • Eat fishes like salmon, herring, etc.

  • Avoid foods with preservatives


Delicious, Healthy Breakfast with Cereals and BerriesBREAKFAST –  includes dry fruits, grains, oats, berries and fermented dairy products like yogurt or kefir.

LUNCH – usually includes rye bread, salads, veggies, fermented products, fish, seafood, or eggs. There is a great appreciation for roots, mushrooms, and other products from the forest (in autumn). Lunch might also include asparagus, green peas, lots of wild herbs and fresh fruits (in springtime).

FOR DINNER, fish might be served, or small quantities of sustainably sourced meat or animals hunted in the wild, together with different veggies.

A rich umami paste may be used for seasoning ingredients and adding flavors to meals.


The Nordic Diet could be expensive, because of its focus on organic foods. You’ll have to turn to grocery stores with fresh, organic garden produce and fresh fish, that are usually pricey, unless… you have access to local farmer markets and fisheries.

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NEW NORDIC DIET Vs MEDITERRANEAN DIET – Similarities & Differences

Healthy, Colorful Salad with Spring mix Greens

The New Nordic and Med Diet are healthy dietary patterns, fairly similar, with both known to lower the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Both diets emphasize plant-based foods and include moderate amounts of fish, eggs, and small amounts of dairy.

Main differences:

– the New Nordic Diet is based on foods that grow better in colder climates, which means it’s higher in certain vegetables such as kale, brussels sprouts, and cabbage.

– the New Nordic Diet emphasizes canola oil instead of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (the key ingredient in Med Diet)

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6 thoughts on “The New Nordic Diet Plan”

  1. Nordic Diet is so much well known as a plant source diet these days, but I was not aware that there was a new version of this diet. As I am reading your very informative post, I was encouraged to have a try the New Typical Nordic Diet that you included in your post.
    I just want to ask a question about the needed calories of a Nordic diet in one serving of every meal?

    For very sure I would like to try the menu you just included in this post.
    Thank you so much.


    • Great choice, Lyn! This Diet Plan worth trying. And I’m glad you asked regarding Cal measuring. The New Nordic Diet promises no calorie counting, as well as no fuss over portions, and no bland, low-fat food -ever! Furthermore, eating healthily means enjoying simple, healthy meals, and exploring new, authentic flavors/ is not about Cal measuring.

      Hope this helped
      Thank you!

  2. It’s the first time I have heard of the Nordic diet and I think it is not that much different from the Mediterranean diet.
    I still prefer the Mediterranean diet though as it helped me lose a lot of weight. People have to try different diets until they find something that suits them.
    A change in their eating habits and some exercise is all they need for the weight with drop off. Plus the right mindset, if they think they can’t do it they won’t.
    Thanks for a well-written post,

    • Hi Frank,

      I absolutely agree with everything you said.
      I’m also a Med Diet fan, but, support other healthy Diet Plans as well. Regardless of which healthy diet plan you choose, it will teach you how to make good food choices, how to prepare simple, healthy meals and how & why to avoid unhealthy and fast food. Living a Healthy Lifestyle is important, too.
      Thank you for y/r comment!

  3. Before this post I had never even heard of the nordic diet. I’ve been battling to find a suitable diet for the past year (because I’m living in a foreign country) so this post came around at the perfect time.

    It seems a little bit complicated for me (as are most diets nowadays haha) but I’m going to try incorporate the “main principles” in my everyday diet. Like, no processed foods and sticking to as much organically grown food as possible.

    You are right though, I think this diet is probably too expensive, but thanks to your suggestion I’m actually to try out my local fruit and meat market! I’ll let you know how it works out!

    Thanks for such an insightful article. I feel the internet is rife with misinformation about diets and nutrition.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Wynand:)
      I’m glad if you found a Diet Plan that best suits your needs. Following any healthy diet may seem complicated, but actually, it’s not. You just need to follow your favorite diet basic rules – and that’s it!
      And of course, let me know if the Nordic Diet worked for you:)
      Best regards


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