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Honey Bee on Yellow Flower

Royal jelly (pure) is a honey bee secretion that is used in the nutrition of larvae and adult queens. The queen eats nothing but this royal perfect food throughout her adult life. She lives 8- 10 times as long as the worker bee.

Royal Jelly cannot be duplicated in any laboratory due to its complex chemical structure. This expensive item on the shelf becomes very popular as a Beauty Bee Product. It used to be treasured as a beauty secret of royalty and believed to be able to nourish the body and revitalize it.

Today, more and more girls talk about Pure Royal Jelly benefits regarding healthier hair, skin, youthful appearance etc. It is used both as a dietary supplement and as addition to skin lotions, creams etc.

There are various products on market called 100% Royal Jelly, but, most of them do not belong to a category of a Pure Royal Jelly. Having had an interesting conversation with a family friend who deals with beekeeping, I have found out a lot regarding Pure Royal Jelly. In this blog, I’m going to share this information with you.


Beekeeper collecting Honey & Honey Products

Beekeepers collect  Pure Royal Jelly in small,  glass or plastic, 10gr – jars. This process of collecting pure Royal Jelly is very slow because beekeepers collect it literally gram-by- gram. That’s why this product is rare and pretty expensive. On Greek market, its price is around 16Eur for 15gr.


  • That you can eat it using your teaspoon

  • Suggested dosage: ½ teaspoon, 1 teaspoon or similar…

PURE Royal Jelly should not get in contact with any metal. This means that you cannot eat it using a metal spoon.  Royal Jelly and metal contact cause a chemical reaction, which consequently – spoils the product. You can eat R.Jelly ONLY by using a wooden or plastic, tiny spoon (of 1 gram). Why 1gr-spoon? This 1gr-spoon matches Pure RJelly daily dosage and should partner the purchased product.

PURE R.JELLY DOSAGE IS ONLY: ½-1gr per day. The maximum is – 1 gram and not ½ teaspoon/ or 1 teaspoon/ or similar (!) If you find such instructions regarding dosage on your purchased product – be sure that it’s not Pure RJelly! Or… It is not a good quality RJ. That product either has various additives (on some occasions even – butter) or it’s of poorer quality, due to beekeeper’s additional feeding bees with sugar. The goal is –  to collect more RJ no-matter the poorer quality…

Don’t eat more than 1gr of Pure RJelly and always eat it in the morning. The reason for such a strict way of using this bee product is –  because it’s a high stimulant for both brain and body. If you eat more than 1gr, it could cause different undesirable side-effects.

It’s good for:  pupils,  students and adults – improves memory, body condition,  it’s good for people suffering from different allergies, or having various health problems. But…. before you purchase this product, do not forget to consult your doctor!

ROYAL JELLY  TASTE: It has a little bit acid taste (not – bitter, as you can read on different sites)

KEEPING:  Keep it in the fridge- until 8 months. If you stop taking Royal Jelly (for any reason), you should continue keeping it -in the freezer (for a  longer period of time).

IMPORTANT INFO:  this product should come from a beekeeper/ producer to a final consumer in a special fridge or container with ice-cubes. It should not be exposed to normal, outside temperature.


Honeycomb with Bee Larvae


R.Jelly is very popular bee product in Greece.  There’s a common practice,  parents to buy this product for their children in a period of their learning/ preparing for exams to pass some College or University. These exams are very difficult and it’s always a period of stress for both children and parents. Greek people believe that RJelly highly improves memory and concentration.

A lot of people,  as well,  talk about an experienced feeling of clarity upon taking this high-quality bee product.


A tremendous amount of research show that chronic inflammation is one of the root causes of heart disease and other degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer etc.

A group of scientists from Japan decided to test the anti-inflammatory activity of Royal Jelly. They tested for pro-inflammatory cytokines. High levels of these compounds indicate high levels of inflammation.

They found that the administration of Royal Jelly suppressed these pro-inflammatory compounds and therefore concluded that Royal Jelly has anti-inflammatory actions.


Royal Jelly is also being indicated to have an immuno-modulatory potential for humans. A group of scientists in Japan decided to test it. They used mice that were genetically predisposed to get Lupus, a serious autoimmune disorder. During the study, these scientists found that the mice getting the RJelly supplement saw a significant delay in getting Lupus and lived significantly longer than the mice that didn’t.

This study supports many testimonials of people who have reported using RJelly to boost or balance their immune systems.


There are many people with toxic or impaired livers and it is a very challenging health situation, that often leads to liver cancer. Scientists in Turkey decided to test Royal Jelly to mice that had been given a liver toxin. They found that the administration of R.Jelly as a liver protective agent for only 7 days exhibited a marked protective effect on liver tissue from the liver toxin.


Royal Jelly contains specific nutrients and vitamins that support skin renewal such as flavonoids, nucleic acid, decanoic acid, enzymes, and hormones.

It also contains numerous vitamins and minerals such as vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, zinc etc., all of which are excellent for the skin. Studies indicate that the acids found in Royal Jelly contribute to its collagen production and promotion.

Taking RJelly regularly (on everyday base) will optimize your skin health.


A group of Japanese scientists hypothesized that Royal Jelly may have beneficial effects on osteoporosis.

After testing their hypotheses both on rats and in a test tube, the doctors found that RJ may prevent osteoporosis by enhancing intestinal calcium absorption, making it an effective preventative aid for osteoporosis.


We are all exposed to dozens of cancer-causing environmental estrogens every day now through our drinking water, our cosmetics, plastics and food. You may be wise to protect yourself from these cancers with a daily dose of fresh RJelly.


According to some research, it appears that R.Jelly lowers bad cholesterol and total cholesterol while not harming good cholesterol levels. If your doctor is telling you to get your cholesterol levels down, perhaps Royal Jelly is a safer, natural option for you.


We’ve all seen a peeled apple turn brown within minutes. Well, that is literally what happens to your cells over your lifetime. But scientists have discovered certain foods have massive amounts of antioxidants that slow this process.

Royal Jelly is one of these foods. As reported in the Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry in 2008, Royal Jelly contains very high amounts of several antioxidants. So… when buying RJelly, ensure that you are buying fresh, frozen product to maximize its effectiveness.

Some more RJelly benefits: anti-aging, anti-bacterial, good for eye-health, for metabolism, menopause etc.

Honey Bees filling Honeycomb

NOTE OF CAUTION: There are concerns about side effects related to asthma in the consumption of RJelly, but cases are extremely rare. It is safe for the majority of people to take.

Remember that natural products are not necessarily safe and that right dosage could be very important. You should feel sure about these products before your purchase them and should always follow associated instructions on these product labels. Do not forget to contact your doctor before buying such products /or supplements.

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14 thoughts on “Pure Royal Jelly Benefits”

  1. Well, all I can say is thank God for our little friends the bees that are of great benefit to us.
    It is good to know all these royal jelly benefits. Your post does a great breakdown regarding pure royal jelly and how it can influence our Health.

    • Thank you, Norman.

      There are so many things that we could write about bees. One blog post is not enough to cover different topics. That’s why I plan to have more similar posts. I believe that bees and their great products really deserve more space on my site:)
      Pls. make sure you visit my site regularly and you’ll always find new and interesting posts regarding Med Diet and Healthy Lifestyle.

  2. Hi, this very interesting. I have lived with a beekeeper for some years and am not sure if what he collected was the same as you talk about. His very exclusive product was collected at the entrance of the bee house and was in form of pollens, not liquid.

    You don’t have an image of royal added here and also not where it is exactly harvested and how. That would be interesting to know for me.
    I live in Thailand and would like to find out if this valuable product is collected here too.

    • Hello Stefan,

      Thank you for your comment and really good questions.
      Let’s start with the product that your friend beekeeper was collecting. I’ll give you some more info in order to help you find out if that bee product was RJelly or not.

      How could you know if it was a Pure Royal Jelly?
      -R Jelly should not be exposed to normal, outside temperature.
      -After collecting, beekeeper keeps it in a fridge.
      – RJelly is not in a liquid form.
      – It reminds butter/ or fat. The color is white to pale yellow.
      – It’s collected with a toothpick (gram-by-gram), from a honeycomb.
      If the product your friend beekeeper was collecting does not correspond to above mentioned, it was not Pure RJelly.

      And you’re right – I don’t have any image of Royal Jelly in my blog post. Have to admit that I was in dilemma regarding RJ pic… Choices were limited: either to have some picture of a tiny jar (with RJ) or with bee larvae in RJ. I was not very happy with these solutions and preferred not to have one.

      If you have any further question, pls. feel free to ask.
      Thanks again!

  3. Very interesting post and something to really think more about. It totally reminds me of a product ( not the same at all ) that I used to take. I would go to the Chinese ‘grocery market’. Chinese Ginseng and Chinese Royal Jelly. Just the names are similar but both awesome products for your health. Thanks for sharing such an interesting article.

  4. Hi Vesna,

    Great post. I have been using Royal jelly on and off for quite a few years and now seeing your post it really reinforces the benefits for me. I am very much into health and fitness and love reading this kind of thing.

    I also love turmeric and ginger and with the royal jelly it really helps with inflammation. Thanks for spreading the word!


  5. Thank you for sharing this. It’s good to know that this certain product have so many health benefits. I’m just a little bit concerned about the side effects because my son is asthmatic. I’ll just do more research on it. Thanks again.

    • Thank you, too! 
      You should definitely contact your child specialist doctor, first. I wouldn’t play with it. There could be side effects related to asthma…
      Best regards

  6. It’s amazing what natural ingredients we are blessed with from nature. There are no doubts about what kind of benefits we can get from royal jelly. I take honey from a regular basis, but it seems that the royal jelly has a lot more concentrated and sophisticated health benefits indeed!

    • Agree with you Sherise – we’re blessed with so many beneficial products from nature. I also take honey on a regular base. My husband and I have purchased R.Jelly in a period when our son was learning to pass University exams. Honey is a great bee product to be taken on a regular base and RJ – when you want to make a memory or health improvements in a limited period of time. RJ can be also taken on an everyday base if you can afford it (due to its very high price).

  7. I sincerely thank you for this post!

    I suffer from arthritis so the fact it is anti-inflammatory and good for maintaining bone health is of great interest to me.


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