Metabolic Cooking Full Review

In my Metabolic Cooking Full Review, you’ll find answers to your different questions regarding this Diet Plan, and my Metabolic Cooking rating based on its Pros & Cons. This review reveals the truth about Metabolic Cooking!

As you already know, the majority of today popular diets DON’T GIVE RESULTS. Sometimes they help you lose some weight, but, in the long run, you gain it again. In other words, these diet plans and systems do not provide what they promise and leave people disappointed or frustrated.

Let’s see what Metabolic Cooking Plan promises and provides…. And if it worth trying.


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This is a weight loss program that comes in a form of a recipe book and nutritional guide. It’s a call to action guide that has over 250 nutritious and tasty recipes, as well as nutrition guidelines and shopping lists for these recipes. It is fully packed with everything you could possibly need to get yourself up and running in the weightloss race.


The theory behind this program is that by changing the way that you eat and the types of foods that you consume, you can actually increase your metabolic rate. This program will enable you to get the proper number of calories that you need in order to sustain a healthy body. Furthermore, the unique combination of foods used in the recipes will increase your metabolism so that you can continue to burn through stored fat.


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  • Comes with 9 Cookbooks – The program comes with a variety of cookbooks that range from Poultry, Red Meat, Vegetarian, Smoothies, Seafood, etc. The recipes are easy, delicious, quick to make and formatted in a way to keep your metabolism going, at a rate weight will easily be lost.

  • A lot of pretty Bonus material (read more in further text)

  • Carefully Formatted & Well organized System 

  • Recipe Variety – The program comes with a variety of recipes that makes weight loss very effective. This variety in food options makes it hard for your body to get accustomed to one pattern of dieting, and thus creates a massive room for visible changes.

The Metabolic Cooking set includes:

  • 9 cookbooks with over 250 recipes

  • The “Nutri-profile” system, which makes it easy to see what nutrients you are getting out of each recipe

  • Leading cooking rules

  • Nutrition Guide

  • The Fat Loss Optimizer Cooking

  • The Metabolic Salad Builder

  • The Supplements Optimizer Guide

  • Metabolic Cooking Quick Sheets

  • Bonus Cooking Video Series

  • Pre-made grocery lists, suggestions for purchasing ingredients and kitchen supplies

  • Bonus cookbooks & more…

There are recipes for: Breakfast, Chicken & Poultry, Fish & Seafood, Smoothies, Pork, Red meat, Sides, Snacks, Vegetarian, Lunch, Dinner and more…

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These nine cookbooks are the primary part of the program, but you get a lot of pretty bonus materials, such as:

  • Dessert Decadence – A book to help you prepare fat-burning desserts

  • All Around the World – Healthy recipes from around the Globe

  • Tasty Meals on a Budget

  • Lean and Healthy Breakfasts

  • Metabolic Soups

  • Paleo Recipes

  • And other amazing cookbooks…

All in all, you get almost 20 bonus books on top of the primary nine, what’s a great value for the price!


There are two people responsible for the creation of the Metabolic Cooking program. Here is their quick biography:

Karine Losier is also known as the “Lean Kitchen Queen”. She is passionate about food, fitness, and helping people lose weight. Karine also had her own struggles with staying fit before she met Dave (co-author). Through him, she learned how to cook amazing healthy meals while staying trim and toned.

Since she has a masters degree in Psychology, she knows what people go through while trying to lose weight. With this understanding, she and Dave created the program together.


Dave Ruel, also known as the “Muscle Cook”, is a competitive bodybuilder, a nutritionist, and a fitness coach. Furthermore, he is a master at cooking healthy meals. Through his fitness coaching, he has taught thousands of people how to reach their bodybuilding, weight loss, and nutritional goals.


The Metabolic Cooking Program is a step-by-step system for people who understand the importance of eating healthier and want to use the power of nutritious foods to lose weight.

This program provides you with 250+ fat burning recipes. There is a ton of variety which makes it easy to find recipes you will enjoy. Unlike other diet programs that require a great deal of preparation in the kitchen, this plan is easy to follow. It does not require you to have any particular skills in the kitchen. The recipes are simple and affordable.


The only place you can currently purchase the Metabolic Cookbook is online. You can either download your materials to your computer, print shopping lists or specific recipes or just browse the material online until you’re ready to start cooking. Simple as that!

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Simple Instructions – There are no complicated terms in the book, and all of the instructions are easy to follow and fully explained.

Easy to Use Ingredients – Most of them can be purchased at local supermarkets.

Nutritional Information – Each recipe comes with the number of calories, the grams of protein and carbs, and the important nutritional information you need to know.

Metabolic Cooking is Vegetarian-friendly.

It’s Family-friendly.

The cooking videos are very well put together.

The supplement optimizer guide is very handy. It shows what actually works and what to avoid, but… (Due to my not being supplement fan, my advice is – better to avoid them).

Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, what is great!


The large volume of eBooks…

Some of the videos take a little while to download, and if you have a slow internet connection it might be a pain to download them all.

There’s no explanation of why these foods boost metabolism or regarding principles behind these recipes.

Could be a price (29$), but… Not only you get nine books filled with dozens of recipes that you can use to prepare delicious, healthy food, but you also receive almost 20 bonus books with similarly valuable information.

In my opinion – it’s a great deal! It definitely worth the purchase if you want to lose weight without putting your Health at Risk!

The Metabolic Cooking Plan Rating
  • 95%
    Information - 95%
  • 95%
    Price Vs Value - 95%
  • 95%
    Guarantee - 95%


I love this Diet Plan!

Place to buy: ClickBank

Product type: Digital / eBook

Regular Price: 29$ (Click Here to get a Special price!)

My rating: 95%

Let’s have a look at some of the Metabolic Cooking testimonials…

“I have been looking for safe ways to lose body fat and came upon the Metabolic Cooking program. I am still surprised at how quickly it was able to work for me.”
Chloe, WI (testimony from company website)

“I got tired of working out for hours a day and not seeing any results, but I started seeing results with this diet within the first week.”
Stephen, TX (testimony from company website)

“Anyone will tell you that I am not a fan of cooking, but making these meals helped me to feel better about my time in the kitchen.”
Chris, NJ (testimony from company website)


– It gives a solution to your weight problem.

– It’s not about starving, but, enjoying healthy meals.

– It’s not about some “superfast” = unhealthy solution.

– With so many recipes, you’ll enjoy diversity in your diet program.

– There are a lot of common spots with the Mediterranean Diet I love!

– You can find the most of golden Mediterranean Diet principles in Metabolic Cooking too, which will help you lose your weight pretty fast and without putting your Health in Risk!

This Cookbook is great guidance for both people with experience in cooking and absolute beginners. And as I said, it’s not just about cooking… These guys, Karine and Dave, will teach you how to overcome different obstacles on your way to your final goal – to lose weight a healthy way!

You can learn more about Metabolic Cooking by clicking Here

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2 thoughts on “Metabolic Cooking Full Review”

  1. Great article. I’m sure the meals are delicious and like you, I’m very cautious about supplements to the point that, with the exception of B-12 an Fish Oil I pretty much depend on my diet to get what my body needs. But then, I only work out at a very moderate level so and my blood work comes back with everything right where it should be (except cholesterol, ugh).

    You mention the recipes are vegetarian friendly. Does that mean there is no meat in any of the recipes or just that they can be tailored to be vegetarian friendly? Just curious.

    • Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts, David:)
      I agree with you regarding B-12 and Fish Oil supplements – they’re ok. Although… I prefer eating fresh food rich in Omega -3 healthy fats, like Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Salmon.

      Regarding Metabolic Cooking vegetarian-friendly meals, they are without meat. Thanks for asking!
      Best regards


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