How to Eat Healthy while on Vacation

It can be challenging to find and eat healthy and safe food while on vacation. Following few holiday travel safety tips can easily make all the difference and make you really enjoy your holiday.

How to Eat Healthy while on Vacation?

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  • About 1-2 weeks ahead, think about any special travel food items or travel-friendly accessories you may want to order online.
  • Read reviews on travel review sites (like Trip Advisor) & search for popular terms like organic, gluten –free etc. This can help you easily decide where to eat while you’re on the road or at your final destination.
  • Request a mini-fridge in your hotel room or better yet – book a room that has a full kitchen. Most of these rooms include a full-sized refrigerator, 1-2 burners, pots and pans, a coffee pot, a toaster, and more.

TIPS FOR THE TRIP: Old, Green, Happy Van Trip

  • Use a cooler bag -to keep your food and beverages fresh
  • Pack food in narrow containers that stay upright and won’t spill.
  • Prior to your departure date, search online to locate a grocery store or organic grocers or natural food co-ops at your destination. Upon arrival, find a grocery store and get items you weren’t able to bring. This is also the time to pick up large bottles of purified water.
  • Bring along your healthy snacks: dark chocolate, nuts, almonds, dried plums and apricots, goji etc., as well as some fruit.
  • Don’t forget your extra virgin olive oil – for use on salads, Feta or other cheese, in sauces, etc. I love KouziniAdding Olive Oil into Vegetable, Cheese Salad brand, especially Ultra Premium Kouzini Mini Combo (consisting of 4 practical bottles with four different EVOO flavors). Extra virgin olive oil plays important role in healthy diets, such as Med Diet. It’s good to have your favorite EVOO with you – to add more flavor to your meals and to eat healthily. Read more about EVOO…


  • reusable forks, spoons, plates,
  • a small sharp knife,Reusable Water Bottle in Bottle Holder
  • cloth napkins
  • reusable water bottles or/and water purifiers for travel
  • thermos travel mug and coffee mugs
  • bring supplements you might be taking, like magnesium or probiotics / or bags of your favorite tea etc.


  • Drinking water safety – Make sure the water you drink is safe. If you’re not sure about water, buy bottled water or boil the water before drinking it. I’d suggest having with you your filtered water bottle.
  • Be careful with fruits and vegetables – Those that needs peeling are safest, like bananas and oranges. It’s not enough if the vegetables have been washed – they have to be washed in safe water
  • Make sure the food you eat is freshly cooked
  • Avoid unpasteurized dairy products
  • Be careful of anything that has milk products in it, especially if in hot countries
  • Be careful when eating seafoodMediterranean Salad with Tomato, Cucumber, Olives, Capers

It can be challenging to find food that we are accustomed to and that we know are part of our Healthy Balanced Diet. The good news is – that Holidays are not the right time to follow a strict diet. Of course, it doesn’t mean we cannot still look out for healthy options on the menu and choose our meals with a balanced diet in mind. If you’re a Med Diet fan (or plan to be), just follow some basic rules and you’ll be fine. Read more HERE… You could also have a look at Med Diet 7-day meal plan, to have an idea about healthy food combinations…


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  • Don’t skip meals
  • Stay hydrated
  • Don’t add unnecessary sugar and salt to your meals
  • Keep energy balance in mind – Keep yourself from overeating and try to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine while on vacation like walking, playing volleyball in the pool, doing more sightseeing etc.
  • Regarding restaurants… When you head to a new restaurant, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of eating out, which can lead to impulsive eating. To combat this, check out the surrounding restaurants you may want to try in advance and choose meals that are appealing but fit within the parameters of your diet.

While all of these tips can help you eat healthy food while traveling and on vacation, the most important thing you can do throughout your trip is to avoid stress about food. Enjoy yourself and the opportunity to travel. And… don’t miss out on exploring new, local cuisines and what they have to offer.

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10 thoughts on “How to Eat Healthy while on Vacation”

  1. This is a really informative post. Its something that I tend not to do before going away on holiday but this has really made me stop and think about preparing what I’m going to eat before I go away. To have a general outline and not eat junk whilst on holiday is a great idea, bottled water is a must as well as looking for shops that can sell what you require beforehand.

    great advice – thank you again

    • I’m glad that you liked my article and happy if this info helped. It’s important to eat healthy & safe food while on vacation. It’s better to be prepared – in order to really enjoy your holiday:)
      Thank you!

  2. Very well written. There is a lot info. that I didn’t know about being able to prepare for eating healthy while on vacation. Thank you so much for this.

  3. With these tips how to eat on vacation, I really got full information. Accessories for travel such as water purifiers are a great idea. Especially if we travel to areas where water is not safe for drinking. Thanks for the excellent advice.

    • Thank you, Maja! You’re absolutely right – drinking safe water is essential when traveling. That’s why it’s important to plan a bit before going to a holiday in order to drink pure/ safe water and eat healthily and safely.

  4. I wonder how can I avoid unpasteurized dairy products. I really have no idea to how to determine unpasteurized and pasteurized dairy products in a hotel.

    • In good hotels (anywhere in the world), you should find safe products. However, outside a hotel, you can find unpasteurized or not so safe product. If you’re not able to read a product label (in local language) – you can simply avoid buying such a product or… could ask someone for explanations.
      I hope this helped

  5. Hi Vesna,
    I enjoyed reading your post. These are really important and useful tips yet most of us often forget to follow them while on vacation. I think the most important thing is to have clean water and to be careful with risky food. Also, I agree we should enjoy our travel and make sure not to miss out on exploring local cuisines. Thanks for a great read!


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