Free Printable Superfoods List

This Free Printable Superfoods List is special gift to you!
I call it Health map. It’s simple and users friendly. It can help you achieve your health and other goals.

In the List, Superfoods are divided into 9 sections. Each section refers to either health issue/disease prevention or desirable improvements, like losing weight, improving hair & skin condition, improving memory, etc. Each section contains Superfoods in alphabetical order. I did my best to highlight the most important ones. This doesn’t mean that you cannot find other (also great) Superfoods in the same category.

In order to have this Free Printable Superfoods List simple and neat, some Superfoods health benefits (which can be separate categories) are omitted, like:
– reducing stress,
– body detox
– anti-aging effects,
– anti-allergy effects,
– boosting energy,
– etc.

Here is your Free Printable Superfoods List. You can view & download it easily!Free Printable Superfoods List Med Super Diet


Healthy Fruits, Vegetables, Alfalfa on wooden TableYou’ll notice that some Superfoods repeat. And with a good reason! Superfoods like Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), Walnuts, Pomegranate, Royal Jelly, Salmon or Turmeric are really amazing! Love them!
And… you should never forget that we talk about Superfoods! It means that you should know a bit about them. You should know their optimal dosage, the way of keeping etc.

Note of caution: if you have any health issue, it would be good to contact your doctor first. There are specific Superfoods like spirulina, royal jelly, sprouts, and similar, that in some cases could have negative health effects.

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