Free Printable Grocery List Template

This FREE PRINTABLE GROCERY LIST TEMPLATE will save you precious time! It’s a great tool for both the Mediterranean Diet and other healthy and balanced diet plans.

In this template, you’ll find Superfoods that are marked with symbol S* (for more Superfoods Click HERE).  You can add your favorite Superfoods to this List and order them directly from our site. Our Product Review page will provide you with needed information regarding the best quality food & products.

After ordering  Superfoods online (and crossing them out on your list), your List will be ready for shopping in your favorite Grocery shop. So… If you plan to shop online, you need to follow these simple steps: Print the list, order your favorite Superfoods, select food according to your 7-day Meal Diet Plan (Click HERE), or choose this one, add approximate quantities next to selected food – and that’s it!

The same is with offline Grocery shopping – you should select Superfoods and other healthy food according to your 7-day Meal Diet Plan, then, add approximate quantities to a selected food, but, instead of online ordering, you’ll do your shopping in your favorite/ or closest Grocery shop!

I’m sure that you’ll find this method extremely easy and fun!

Click HERE to download your FREE Template

Med Super Diet Grocery List

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