Do Detox Diets and Cleanses really work?

Detoxification (Detox) Diets and Cleanses are more popular than ever and it’s not surprising that there are numerous products, diet plans, and supplements available on Detox market.  If you’re thinking of detoxing your body, it’s important to know about these diets and products, and what they claim or promise. Speaking of Detox Diet Plans, they claim to eliminate harmful toxins from your body and help you lose some pounds. They also claim to help you with various health problems, including digestive issues, inflammation, allergies, bloating, chronic fatigue, etc. So far, so good, but the key question here is – “Do Detox Diets and Cleanses really work?”

Before answering this question, let’s have a look at some Detox Diet features first.


Fresh Fruit, Lettuce & Orange Juice

– Detox diets are based on the idea that the body becomes overloaded with toxins due to various internal and external forces (unhealthy foods,  harmful environments, and similar) that should be flush out of the body regularly to make sure that the body’s systems are running properly.

– A typical Detox diet involves a period of fasting, followed by a strict diet of fruit, vegetables, fruit juices, and water. …

– There’s  a severe calorie restriction

– These diets are not a way of eating you can stick within the long run, due to their being very strict and usually last from 3 -10 days.

– Level of effort: high

– They often include products that are available only on the author’s website, like herbs, pills, powders, etc.

– Exercise – Not required (you may not have the energy for it, because you’re not getting that many calories)

– Detox diets are not good for people with certain medical conditions and could be harmful and dangerous for healthy people, as well.  Any diet with severe restrictions can be dangerous.

– Some of these diets may increase stress hormone levels


3-Day Detox Diet – This Detox Diet Plan is filled with different teas,  healthy smoothies, and meals planned around fresh, whole fruits and vegetables (there’s a plan for each day).

5-Day Detox Diet Plan – Based on avoiding sugar, eating meat-free meals, and drinking healthy smoothies ( there is a plan for each day).

Detox Tea – Based on sipping some Detox tea throughout the day

Raspberry Smoothie Glass decorated with Mint Leaves

The Drinking Detox – Many nutritionists will tell you that the easiest way to lose weight is to give up alcohol either permanently or for a short time. Alcohol is full of calories and may cause you are eating more junk food.

Detox Diet Smoothie Week – based on drinking Detox Smoothies, made of fresh ingredients,



There’s no such thing as “Detoxing”. In medical terms, it’s nonsense. According to E. Ernst, professor of complementary medicine at Exeter University – “If toxins did build up in a way your body couldn’t excrete you’d likely be dead or in need of serious medical intervention. The healthy body has kidneys, a liver, skin, even lungs that are detoxifying as we speak. There is no known way – certainly not through Detox treatments – to make something that works perfectly well in a healthy body work better.” And… speaking of “Detoxing” – it’s not clear what these toxins are. If they were named they could be measured before and after treatment to test effectiveness.

Detox Diet & weight loss – While some people may lose a lot of weight quickly, this effect seems to be due to loss of fluid and carb stores rather than fat. This weight is usually regained quickly once you go off the cleanse. In other words, Healthy, Balanced Diet & Healthy Lifestyle is a solution that you’re looking for. It’s a proven solution that can help you both support a healthy weight, and maintain your overall good health.


A few aspects of Detox diets may have health benefits, such as:

  • Eating whole, nutritious, healthy foods

  • Avoiding processed foods

  • Drinking water

  • Drinking green tea & healthy smoothies

  • Getting good sleep

Following these guidelines is generally linked to improved health — regardless of whether you’re on a Detox diet.

Young Woman enjoying Massage in SpaDetox Products – There’s a whole industry behind the word “Detox”. There are therapies and diets, Yoga and luxury retreat massages, and different weight loss cleanses. The shelves of health food stores are packed with products bearing the word “Detox”. You can buy Detoxifying tablets, tea bags, tinctures, bath salts, shampoos, body gels, and so forth.


If you go on a 7-day or a 10-day Detox diet, you may lose some weight, but that’s nothing to do with toxins. It happens, because you would have starved yourself for a week or more. Instead, you can start eating a healthy, balanced diet. Here are my favorite Healthy Diet Plans:

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6 thoughts on “Do Detox Diets and Cleanses really work?”

  1. Very happy I stumbled upon this article today. I have been doing the Keto diet for the last couple weeks and so far I have lost a few pounds. However, I was considering doing a cleanse next week so I could start over with a toxin free slate. I am now reconsidering. I work as a waitress and I think a cleanse may cause me to faint at work with all the running around I have to do.
    Do you know if it is bad to go from Keto to cleanse for any reason? Keto is high fat focused so I am really not sure if there is a certain cleanse I should focus on if I decide to one after all.

    Thanks for your help!

  2. I have heard about detoxing your body, but you have pointed out that detoxing is nonsense. I guess you are correct because in some cases when you detox you actually eat the necessary nutrients such as fruits and vegetables that your body really needs. You will also drink enough water and avoid processed foods as you suggested. Yes, when you do those positive things to your body then your body will show positive results. Thanks for the information. Keep up the good work.

    • It’s exactly as you say: if you take care of your eating habits and Lifestyle, i.e. choose Healthy, Balanced Diet & Healthy Lifestyle, then, your body will show positive results. And these results will have a positive effect on your health and well-being. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Dhalia!


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