What is the HMR Program?

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The HMR (“Health Management Resources”) Diet is a popular 30+-year-old weight loss and weight management program. The program is designed to teach dieters how to reduce their calories and maintain their New bodyweight in the long term. It was originally developed by Lawrence Stifler, behavioral psychologist, and the HMR Management Corporation Founder.


At that time (30+ years ago) Lawrence Stifler was teaching at Boston University and has been asked to develop a weight management program for students. “It became obvious to me that weight management wasn’t a psychological or emotional problem. It was an environmental issue… People are surrounded by high-calorie foods everywhere they go. They’re exercising less and less…In a culture where convenience is king, it’s extremely challenging to manage your weight.That’s how the HMR story started…

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The HMR program provides a simple, easy-to-follow plan, group coaching, and support over the phone. Furthermore, it provides you with the food you need to eat, which involves premade shakes and foods, thus eliminating the need to count calories or buy a lot of your own food.

The HMR diet/ program offers two variations:

  • A Healthy Solutions diet, which is an “At-Home” version, and

  • The Decision-Free Diet, which is a more restrictive, medically-supervised version.

Both programs are broken into two phases. The first phase focuses on achieving a goal weight and the second – on maintaining that weight.

1.    HMR Diet Phase One

This HMR first phase is the Quick Start to weight loss. In this phase, you replace regular meals with HMR snacks and weight-loss shakes every day. All the things you need for the first phase (first three weeks) are included.

2.    HMR Diet Phase Two

This phase has to do with Weight Management. If you reach your weight goal, you’re ready to move to this phase. This phase is not so strict and lasts 4-8 weeks.

In the second phase, dieters still receive HMR food and work with other healthy food options. Weekly telephone coaching sessions and exercise physiologists are available in this phase, as well. Regarding eating out – it’s not prohibited, and dieters will be taught how to make smart choices when doing so.

Romaine & Spinach Salad, with Cherry TomatoesAfter finishing the program, there are certain plans provided for additional help with dieters’ Long-term weight management.

As we just got the basic picture/ answer to our main question “What is the HMR Program”, let’s learn more about its options, the diet pros & cons, if it works or not, and so forth. So, let’s start…


  • HMR Participants will receive all of their packaged meals and snacks directly to their place of residence.

  • HMR’s basic plan is “3-2-5,” which means dieters will consume three (or more)  HMR shakes, two (or more)  HMR entrees, and five (or more) servings of fruits or vegetables.

  • Diet followers are encouraged to mix fruit and vegetable servings into meal replacements – to add variety and flavor

  • Eating out is prohibited during the 1st phase

  • Drinking alcohol is prohibited, too

  • Dieters should do some exercise as well


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The first 3-week phase includes:

– 48 servings of HMR Shake mix

– 42 HMR Entrees

– 18 servings of HMR Multigrain Cereal

– 1 packet of HMR Pudding/Shake mix to sample

– Recipe Book

– Support Guides & Weekly coaching by phone

– HMR Mobile App

The Package price is: $199.95

After the initial 3-week shipment, participants will be sent food every 2 weeks for $180.00.

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Fresh Fruit on a White Weighting ScaleAs above mentioned, the HMR Diet is basically a low-calorie diet that helps dieters by providing calorie-controlled meals and other foods. These meal replacement diets are a proven method of weight loss (as long as dieter sticks to the diet’s guidelines).

There are plenty of testimonials showing people’s results. The only concern some mention is the restrictive eating plan during phase 1.

Participants who choose the At-home option can expect an average weight loss of 23 pounds during the first 12 weeks and 28 pounds at the end of 26 weeks (these stats are based on HMR sponsored study results of their plan’s effectiveness).



  • This diet is not a short-term fix!

  • It’s 30+ years on weight loss market

  • Supported by medical institutions

  • Recommended by many physicians and health professionals

  • Proven weight loss results backed up with scientific research

  • HMR food is highly portable for use at the office


  • Highly-processed foods

  • The high cost of food

  • Online can be more difficult than in person

  • Phase 1 does not allow eating out

  • Participants may get bored with a large number of shake products that have to be consumed each week

  • Those participating in the clinic-based programs have far better results than those doing the at-home program

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The diet has been ranked #1 in Best Fast Weight-Loss Diets, by  U.S. News and World Report (41 diets were evaluated with input from a panel of health experts). Also… It’s ranked #9 in Best Commercial Diet Plans, 19 (tie) in Easiest Diets to follow, etc.

There are benefits to the HMR Program. However, it is best to choose a program that can be individualized to your needs. And… not necessarily so expensive!

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