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Hello everyone, I am Vesna, and I am a Greek Traditional Cuisine friend for around 20 years. I live in Greece with my beautiful family – my husband, who’s Greek and our son. I learned to cook Greek traditional food from the very start of my living in Greece. Greek traditional cuisine is awesome, with so many original flavors, food combinations, and full of various herb aromas.


My interest in healthy eating habits and learning more about the Mediterranean Diet started 5-6 of years ago, due to some oscillations in my weight, not big, but…. Knowing that today’s small problem could become a much bigger later on, I decided to research it a bit.

The Mediterranean diet is a healthful itself. For many nutritionists, it’s the N01 World diet. But….   you need to know a little bit more than just how to prepare delicious, traditional food. You have to have some idea and a plan in order to achieve the best possible results regarding your overall health condition and weight. This is especially true in cases when: a/ you want to lose some weight,  b/ you’re 45+ years old and your metabolism is not the same anymore, c/ you have some health issues or d/you simply – want to keep fit!

My first source of information was a friend of mine with her 20-year experience in healthful eating habits. She made suggestions regarding a Diet Plan (what to eat and when), what combinations of food to make, what to avoid, and where to focus on. I had my first results very soon. I noticed the difference not only regarding my weight, but I was also feeling great!

I started to read more & more about the topic…. Very soon, I found out about Mediterranean Superfoods, their amazing health benefits,  disease prevention, and so forth.

At medsuperdiet.com, I want to share this awesome experience with you.

If you ever need any feedback or support regarding your health, staying fit, or losing weight, I would be more than happy to connect. Simply leave your comment below, and make sure you visit my site regularly as I am always updating it with new ideas, tips, and info that I know you will find interesting.

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